Amazon Jungle has been family owned and operated since 1984. With over 30 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff is always more than willing to help you with all your needs and questions for your birds, fish, reptiles,
or small animals

  Specializing in hand fed baby birds, Amazon Jungle's experienced employees will teach you how to hand feed               one of our baby birds so that you may form a

         unique bond resulting in a special pet for life. 

     Amazon Jungle carries a large selection of supplies

   and we have cages, perches and toys for all size birds 

                          from finches to macaws.

Amazon Jungle carries a variety of premium pellets and seed, including: Roudybush, ZuPreem, Exact, Pretty Bird,
                           Kaytee and Oven Fresh. 

Wings, nails and beak trimming are available and

we will even board your bird, reptile or small animal
while you are on vacation or when you need to go away.

Amazon Jungle houses the largest selection

of freshwater fish in Ormond Beach,

specializing in oddball and unusual fish.  

We also have feeder fish and shrimp, cichlids, goldfish, koi, community fish and plants. 

A large variety of flakes, pellets and frozen foods are available and you can get medications, water treatments, gravel, filters, cartridges, pumps, decorations and even new LED lighting to give your tank a new mood. 

We offer FREE water testing anytime, a 48 hour

fish guarantee and every Thursday is 

Buy 1 Get One FREE fish day!

For reptile lovers, Amazon Jungle offers  spiders, lizards, frogs, turtles, bearded dragons and more!

Along with all the lighting and equipment  you will need. Crickets, mealworms, superworms and both live and frozen mice, rats, pinkies and fuzzies are also available.